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Women Stretching

Face to Face Classes

All Face-to-face classes are currently in Fulwood, Preston on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Attendance by booking only

Reformer Workout

Reformer & Mat Private Lessons

Whether you are a beginner to exercise, or experienced, a 1:1 personalised programme will be planned for you. Using Physiotherapy and Pilates knowledge combined, we will work on your strength and mobility/flexibility needs. A safe approach and fun environment.

Please note, the reformer is only available for private lessons (not classes) and the studio room is located in Higher Walton, Preston.

Online Yoga

Online Pilates

Bitesize Pilates are 20 minute workouts for you to use and enjoy throughout each month, any time of the day. Use the sessions one at a time, or combine sessions to create a longer workout.

Services Overview: Classes
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