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Pilates definitely has helped me managed stress levels because for one houryou have to focus and concentrate on something other than your daily anxieties. I feel calmer after the session, my mood is lifted it gives me a sense of well-being. Rachel's voice has a calming and positive influence.


My job is working in mental health and for me Pilates is a good way that I can switch off from the dress and emotional impact of the job and just focus on something that makes me feel calmer and better physically. Thanks for keeping us updated with all the Youtube classes.


Personally, because Pilates makes me focus on my body, movement, posture and balance, there is no room for other thoughts. My body is refreshed at the end of a session and my mind is well. It makes me feel very energetic and hence positive. I appreciate this so much.


For a couple of years now I have been struggling with menopause symptoms in particular night sweats and the inability to get a full nights sleep. This affected my working day. My moods, I was very irritable and my mental health suffered wondering when the symptoms were going to end. My first Pilates class helped me relax and take time out for me. It has a very calming effect and for the first time in months I slept the whole night. I have continued to attend and I no longer have sleepless nights, restless aching legs and my core is a lot stronger. I look forward to each class.


Pilates gives me focus especially during this time. It's not the head rush of a circuit sessions, but it's much more concentrated and there's no pressure to keep up with everyone else, so it's very individual. For me, the focus and relaxation parts are the most important right now. I always get a better nights sleep after doing it. Rachel is a complete professional - with her background in Physiotherapy and knowledge of the body, she has an amazing mix of grace, knowledge and skill and her calm confident voice eases you into some interesting positions!


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